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Favorite Links

The following is a list useful links that I have compiled. If you wish to be added to this list, please send me an e-mail at


Favorite Sites

PDF Document Don't put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear
the genetics of ear wax

Created: October 11, 2006
PDF Document Will malaria soon be a thing of the past?
the potential of recombinant protein vaccines to control one of the world's most deadly diseases

Created: June 26, 2006
PDF Document What you see is not what you get
DNA barcoding is helping scientists unveil nature's most hidden diversity

Created: August 01, 2005
PDF Document Do brains have a freshness date?
the effect of aging on the human brain

Created: January 12, 2005
PDF Document Who let the dogs out?
a genetic classification of dog breeds

Created: October 13, 2004
PDF Document Microbial diversity: let's tell it how it is
Created: March 04, 2004, Updated: March 26, 2004
PDF Document Talking about the genetics of talking:
the discovery of the first "speech and language" gene

Created: November 1, 2003
PDF Document Variations on a gene:
investigating the genetic basis of iron overload

Created: August 25, 2003
PDF Document A small fortune:
small RNAs involved in the regulation of developmental timing

Created: June 5, 2002
PDF Document Finding Fanconi:
the hunt for the cause of autosomal dominant renal Fanconi syndrome

Created: October 22, 2001
PDF Document Opening the flood gates?
association of NOD2 with Crohn's disease

Created: August 6, 2001
PDF Document Honey, I shrunk the genome:
genome reduction in the leprosy bacillus

Created: April 30, 2001
PDF Document Ready, steady, go!
a two-part switch that regulates gene expression

Created: March 12, 2001
PDF Document Fluorescent timer:
the E5 mutant of the red coral protein drFP583 changes its fluorescence from green to red over time

Created: January 22, 2001
PDF Document Cytosolic help for mitochondrial defects:
a novel method for importing tRNA into mitochondria in order to suppress mutations

Created: December 4, 2000
PDF Document The mouse that eats less but gains weight:
a neuropeptide receptor, Mc3r, is shown to play a role in regulating energy stores

Created: November 6, 2000
PDF Document Tuberous sclerosis complex in flies too?
a fly homolog to TSC2, called gigas, plays a role in cell cycle regulation

Created: July 27, 2000
PDF Document The beginning of the END:
the EAST protein assembles a nucleoskeleton between chromosomes

Created: June 16, 2000
PDF Document Mutations and blood clots:
how point mutations in clotting factor genes conspire to increase the risk of thrombosis

Created: April 26, 2000
PDF Document Viruses provide direction on the plant information superhighway:
a viral movement protein helps to identify a counterpart in plants

Created: December 8, 1999
PDF Document How Candida albicans switches phenotype - and back again:
the SIR2 silencing gene has a say in Candida's colony type

Created: November 24, 1999
PDF Document PTEN and the tumor suppressor balancing act:
PTEN turns out to be the first tumor suppressor to have phosphatase activity

Created: November 10, 1999
PDF Document The Salmonella battle plan:
how Salmonella gain entry into human intestinal cells to grow and divide

Created: October 27, 1999
PDF Document RNA surveillance: watching the defectives:
detecting premature stop codons in mRNA halts the production of dangerous truncated proteins

Created: October 13, 1999
PDF Document The compound eye of flies divulges evolutionary secrets:
analysis of fly eye development may shed light on human eye disease

Created: September 29, 1999
PDF Document The neighborhood of Alzheimer's amyloid precursor protein:
new clues on Alzheimer's pathology from other proteins linked to amyloid plaque formation

Created: September 15, 1999
PDF Document What do Lyme disease and syphilis have in common?
two pathogenic spirochetes unexpectedly share an ATP synthase

Created: September 1, 1999
PDF Document Dissecting the mechanism of our internal clock:
how living organisms tune in to the time of day

Created: August 18, 1999
PDF Document Ubiquitin links Parkinson's disease genes:
a tantalizing link between two new genes

Created: August 4, 1999
PDF Document Plant genes contribute to a sexually transmitted disease?
how plant genes found their way into a human parasite

Created: July 15, 1999

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